Outpatient On Wheels

Outpatient on Wheels Program in Port Charlotte, FL

Outpatient on Wheels by Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy and Balance Center

Do you have pain and weakness but cannot get to Physical Therapy because it is too difficult to manage?

Have you had close calls at home and are worried you may fall?

Have you limited how much you drive and rely on friends and family for most appointments?

Have you tried to exercise at home but feel you aren’t quite getting it right?

WE AT FREEDOM REHAB AQUATIC THERAPY AND BALANCE CENTER HAVE THE PERFECT SOLUTION! OUR OUTPATIENT ON WHEELS PROGRAM can get you the help you need in the comfort of your own home. We understand that it is not always easy to go out for therapy. We understand the following issues may occur:

It may be difficult for some of our patients to drive to appointments because either they have given up driving and don’t want to rely on family and friends or they are not comfortable on the road besides going to the grocery store.

We also understand that the home environment is where most falls occurs and that there is a need for a professional therapist to evaluate the environment and make the necessary recommendations to improve safety.

Another consideration our Outpatient on Wheels program understands is that a patient’s home exercise program happens at the house so it is best to see our patients performing it in their own environment thus ensuring it is done properly executed.

Our outpatient on wheels program focuses on:

Balance Training

Aspects of our Freedom From Falls Program incorporated and adapted to suit the home environment and reduce the risk for falls.

Home Safety Education and Reducing Risk From Falls

  • Evaluation of falls hazards
  • Adaptive equipment recommendations to enhance safety
  • Safety education to ensure the right decisions are being made on a daily basis

Endurance and Muscle Strengthening

  • Home exercise training
  • A total body approach designed to increase tolerance to everyday activities
  • Gait training to improve walking patterns, safety and community mobility distances
  • Energy conservation education for techniques designed to maximize energy expended during everyday tasks

You do not need to be homebound to qualify for home services under Medicare outpatient part B guidelines or meet the criteria under commercial insurance.