Home Aquatic Therapy

in Port Charlotte, and Port Charlotte, FL

Trained & Licensed for Home Aquatic Therapy

Not only do we offer aquatic water pool therapy and occupational therapy, but we also offer aquatic therapy in your own home! Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy, LLC, is a trained and licensed occupational therapy provider. We are dedicated to helping you become pain-free and live a happier life. Whether in the water or out, you will be feeling better in no time. We have developed home aquatic therapy techniques that will have you doing exercises you did not think were possible.

The only requirements for this are that you have a heated pool and are able to navigate the pool steps. This service is currently in Port Charlotte, and Port Charlotte, FL. When you have a workout like that, you will never want to stop.

Contact us for home aquatic therapy by calling (941) 400-1505 or contact us online today!

Home-Based Water Therapy in Englewood, Venice, & Port Charlotte, FL

A large component of our occupational therapy program consists of home-based water therapy. This is an occupational therapy for those experiencing pain after an accident, illness, or surgery. Instead of bearing all of your weight on your joints, with home-based water therapy you will only be bearing 20% of your weight. This makes a huge difference on the road to recovery after accidents or surgeries.


Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy, LLC, will come up with a home-based water therapy program for your specific needs. From joint pain to Fibromyalgia, we will have you in the water and improving your mobility in no time.


We even provide our services to local assisted and independent living facilities! Call us if you are dealing with any of the following:

• Chronic Pain
• Joint Pain
• Post Joint Replacement
• Arthitis
• Stroke

• Parkinson’s
• Rheumatoid Arthitis
• Fibromyalgia
• And More

Exercises In and Out of Water in Port Charlotte, FL

Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy, LLC, knows what we are doing when it comes to local and home aquatic therapy in North Port, and Port Charlotte, FL. We have exercises in the water developed specifically to improve mobility provide you with more comfort. With home aquatic therapy, you can achieve this from the convenience of your home pool.

Many of our patients report they can discontinue or lessen their medications after a few sessions with us.

Home aquatic therapy offers an effective way to heal, so call us today for an appointment.