Aquatic Therapy Using the AquaCiser Underwater Treadmill

Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy, LLC, Uses the AquaCiser for Therapy

Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy, LLC, in Port Charlotte, FL, offers water-based occupational therapy using the Hudson Aquatic Systems AquaCiser underwater treadmill. Underwater treadmills are perfect for those looking to exercise with low resistance pressure on joints and muscles. Some benefits of using the AquaCiser include:

  • Early Intervention
  • Sports Injury Recovery
  • Chronic Pain Relief
  • Arthritis Relief
  • Improved Circulation
  • Weight Loss
  • Reduces Swelling
  • Less Stress on Joints
  • Better Range of Motion

Call Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy, LLC, today at (941) 400-1505 to set up an appointment to use an AquaCiser underwater treadmill. Our occupational therapists are ready to eliminate your chronic pain, and help you enjoy exercise again.

The AquaCiser Adjusts to Fit All Occupational Therapy Needs

Underwater treadmills work based on the injury it is working to treat. The therapist can adjust the water levels, temperature, speed, and direction in order to accommodate all injuries and conditions. Instead of adding more stress to your joints on a regular treadmill, contact Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy, LLC, today to schedule an appointment with the AquaCiser. Our AquaCiser underwater treadmill will not only improve chronic pain, but will help you to gain more confidence in finding adequate therapy and exercise. Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy, LLC, accepts most insurances and Medicare.

Underwater Treadmills Benefit All Ages

Whether you are looking for strength and conditioning methods for a sports practice or event, or a patient looking to treat chronic pain, the Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy, LLC, underwater treadmill method is for you. Underwater treadmills help to build muscle and work as a low-impact way to exercise with ease. Young athletes can find strength and conditioning exercises by using the AquaCiser, or use it as a way to recover from an injury. Older patients enjoy using underwater treadmills as a way to stay active without increased joint pain. To find the right exercise regimen that suits you best, contact Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy, LLC, in Port Charlotte, FL. We provide the AquaCiser and other forms of occupational therapy you need to heal, lose weight, treat chronic pain, and more.