Aquatic Therapy and Pain Treatment in Port Charlotte, FL

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Treat Chronic Pain at Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy and Balance Center

Are you searching for answers to your health problems?

Have you tried everything to reduce pain?

Are you getting weaker by the moment?

Are you worried about falls and safety at home?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy and Balance Center has the solutions you have been looking for!

We at Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy and Balance Center have created a comprehensive approach to all aspects of physical wellbeing. We have the answers to:

  • How you can get well
  • How to stay healthy
  • How to reduce pain
  • How to reduce your risk of falling

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Our programs are:

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy

  • Back pain protocol

The water reduces weight bearing on your joints and spine making exercise pain free and enjoyable

  • Aquatic balance program

When performing balance exercises in water you reduce the risk of falls with injury that you could face on land.

  • Endurance and training program

Water’s magical properties including viscosity provides resistance throughout the entire movement creating a natural resistance. This in combination with using various exercise equipment provides a total body work out

  • Bad Ragaz Ring Method Program

An aquatic program where the patient is supported with floatation devices on all four extremities, trunk and neck.

Provides a gentle way to strengthen and stretch the body

Outpatient on Wheels Program

  • Freedom From Falls Program adapted to the home environment
  • Home safety education to reduce fall risk
  • Endurance and muscle strengthening
  • Energy conservation training
  • Gait training
  • Aquatic therapy in your pool

Freedom From Falls Program

  • The Freedom from falls Program offers the following solutions:
  • Improves balance, steadiness
  • Reduces light-headedness and dizziness
  • Reduces the fear of falling
  • Decreases pain associated with walking
  • Increases independence with activities of daily living and makes your home environment safer

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